Okay, hi everyone! So, I finally hit 15k followers (what is life?!) and I want to give back. I actually was packing up because I’m about to move and i found these old shirts i tucked in a box, most don’t fit me because they’re small. I was thinking of putting them on the wall in my new room, but that’s what posters are for. So I’m going to give these away!! I will pick 2 winners, yes two because there are 10 shirts, each person will get 5 and yes, I ship worldwide! So, here are the shirts

  • Red, Of Mice & Men shirt (M)
  • White, Blink-182 shirt (sleeves cut off, M)
  • Red, Sleeping With Sirens shirt (M)
  • White, Paramore shirt (sleeves cut off, S)
  • Black, Pierce The Veil shirt (M)
  • White, Sleeping With Sirens shirt (S) 
  • Black, Blink-182 shirt (S)
  • Black, Pierce The Veil shirt (S) 
  • White, Pierce The Veil shirt (S)
  • Black, Rise Against shirt (sleeves cut off, M)

Rules and Regulations: 

  • You must be following me, prettyparamore.
  • only reblogs count, I have a randomizer that will select two winners.
  • i will select two winners, each winner will get 5 shirts. 
  • I will select a winner on September 29th, because that’s the last week i have before i move to my new house.
  • Your ask box must be open, so if you win, i can message you! 

Good luck and reblog away!!! 

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@olobersykes: Errrmerrrgerhd er werz sernak


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The rest of the guys probably have the exact same shirt, but a shipper can dream.

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